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Our Story

Changing the way others look at the world!

We pride ourselves on the tons of recyclables that are processed at recycling facilities every day due to our internal recycling program.

How did we get here?

World One was founded in 1996 by then USF student Brent Smith. He was hired as a recycling co-coordinator by the University and in his first year saved USF a substantial amount of money by increasing the recycling stream and decreasing the waste stream. Realizing that this could transfer over to the commercial office property industry, he teamed up with David Magrisso and started World One. Together they realized that there was a missing link between tenants and recycling haulers.

Since then World One has refined their recycling programs and has become the go-to company for commercial Property Management companies across the U.S. when they want to provide their tenants with a free recycling program that takes no effort on their part they know to call World One. Our company now manages the waste and recycling streams for over 100 million square feet of commercial office space. We pride ourselves on the tons of recyclables that are processed at recycling facilities every day due to our internal recycling program. We are also recognized by many major waste and recycling haulers as experts in the recycling industry, partnering with them on many projects throughout the Southeast United States.

Our mission

Our company philosophy is simple-“To help your business save time, save money and save the Earth through recycling.”

Areas we serve

Based in Florida, we are currently servicing the southeast and rapidly expanding across the entire United States.

It's not too late to do your part in saving our planet

What are you waiting for? Reach out to one of our local green representatives to see how you can save!